FAQs About Online Therapy

Actually, I do! If you live near Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Fulshear, Sealy, or one of the surrounding areas in Texas I would be happy to see you in person. To have an in-office visit, please call (281) 398-0022 and our receptionist will be happy to schedule a time when you and I can meet. However, for those who cannot come see me in person, they can still receive help online. This allows the broadest number of people possible to receive help, instead of limiting the available help to a local geographic region.

  1. It provides greater access to those who a) live in remote or rural areas that do not offer counseling services nearby b) are physically disabled or unable to leave their home c) feel intimidated by having to enter a therapist’s office or d) feel more comfortable using the internet.
  2. Online therapy provides an element of convenience to the client that is not available to in-office sessions. For example, let’s say you have a 20-minute commute to the therapist’s office. If your appointment is during the day, that means that you have to allow at least 40 minutes to drive to/from the office, plus the time it takes to do the session (which is typically 45-50 minutes). That is two hours out of your workday! Online therapy, however, can reduce that time to only one hour away from the job, since all you have to do is sit down at your computer, login to Thera-Link, and have your session with your counselor.
  3. The social stigma associated with counseling can be eliminated for many people as they sit in the comfort of their own home to do therapy. They do not have to worry about being seen by someone they know in a waiting room, feeling judged for coming to therapy, or deal with the embarrassment of possibly being seen as you walk through a therapist’s front door, thereby providing an anonymity for the client that they cannot receive in a traditional format.
  4. Allows couples/family counseling sessions to continue even when one member is out of town. This helps maintain continuity of care despite everyone’s busy schedules and bridges the gaps caused by distance.
  5. It allows you to make your sessions despite life’s various obstacles. This means that you can avoid getting charged for not showing up for an appointment due to a traffic jam. You can come to your session when the babysitter cancels on you at the last minute, when inclement weather makes the roads impassable, or when you have a head cold and don’t want to risk infecting other people.
  6. Finally, it allows you to have access to your therapist in many ways, whether that is through your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Wherever you are, you can almost always conduct your online session through a compatible device.

Yes. The platform I use for online counseling is Thera-Link and they ensure HIPAA compliance on their end. They do not record any sessions and provide a new, encrypted link each time a person schedules a session with a therapist. To learn more about this go to https://www.thera-link.com/security/

On my end, I work to ensure your information in several ways. Please click here to see a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Yes. Studies have shown that the benefits of internet therapy make it a viable alternative to in-office sessions. The online sessions are still face-to-face, allowing the therapist to evaluate your verbal and nonverbal responses. Plus, therapists can use most of the same interventions online that they would use with you in-office, including sharing handouts.

You will need 1) a high-speed broadband internet connection, 2) a computer, tablet, or laptop, and 3) a front-facing webcam (many devices already have this pre-installed). You will also need a phone line the therapist can call, in case the internet connection/technology fails for any reason on either side. Although not a permanent, nor ideal, solution, this provides a backup so that the session can continue until the situation can be resolved.

As you might expect, the duration of treatment varies from person to person. Although some people find resolution in 5-7 sessions, others find it takes longer for them. However long it takes you, though, remember that the goal of therapy is not to merely resolve your circumstance but to help you resolve it in such a way that you do not have to return to therapy again and again for the same issue. This will require you to work hard both in and outside of the sessions. Remember, “therapy” does not do the work. You do.

Of course. I am not ashamed of what I believe and while Christian tenets and beliefs do shape the way I think and counsel, I have worked with people from all walks of life, including those of different faiths or those who do not believe in God at all. It is my hope that everyone will feel safe within each counseling session, feeling free to expose what they believe without trying to impose it on anyone.

Medication is not always necessary for my clients. However, if I believe that it would be beneficial for you to see a doctor, I will recommend that you do so. Just as a person will see a neurologist for seizures or an orthopedist for knee problems, so, too, a specialist is needed for mental health issues. In this case that would mean seeing a psychiatrist. If you decide to follow that advice, I ask that you give me permission to talk to your physician, so that the doctor and I can consult with each other and ensure you receive the best care possible.

When you log in to Thera-Link to have your session, you will be prompted to enter your credit/debit card information. I do not have access to this information, nor does Thera-Link store this information. Your card number will be processed by Stripe, the same company that processes online commerce for Target, Lyft, DoorDash, DocuSign, Khan Academy, NPR, the USO, and many others.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be directed to a virtual waiting room where you can wait until I allow you to join the online session.

To schedule an appointment with me please click here

This should redirect you to a page where you can contact me to set up your first appointment.

No. All my sessions are on a cash basis ($150/hour). But most insurance companies permit you to file out of network for these sessions, and they will reimburse you a percentage of the session fee.

I will be happy to provide you with the information necessary, such as diagnosis code, billing code, etc., for you to do this.

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